About Us

As one of the fastest growing providers of payment and ATM processing services, TPS provides you with innovative, efficient, and cost effective solutions for your business. Our products and services are uniquely designed with your business in mind. We personalize solutions to suit your business needs. Our countrywide presence and unparalleled customer support allows us to meet your payment processing needs anytime, anywhere.

Our Values

Why we are here

  • Customers needs are the highest priority
  • Our future is vested in the success of our clients

What is our character

  • Build credible and sincere relationships
  • Service with passion, Integrity and transparency

How we work as a team

  • We are a Team, We are a Family. I am because we are
  • Embrace change and pursue growth.
  • Together, we are Powerful

How we relate to our community

  • Leave a positive lasting footprint
  • Transform communities through serving.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the preferred and most trusted payment processing company around the globe; constantly exceeding customers’ expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence.

Our Mission

To make each customer’s experience memorable by providing high quality affordable payment processing technology and dedicated customer support.