Whether you are looking for a retail ATM for your grocery store, a drive through ATM or a Mobile ATM for your Events business, True payment Solutions range of ATM products provides you with a one stop shop for all your ATM needs. With flexible affordable payment options,  free delivery and installation, 24hr support and your very own personalized ATM access portal, our ATM solutions deliver both profitability and peace of mind. Contact us today for all your ATM needs.

Benefits of an ATM

  • Having an ATM sign (ATM INSIDE) in the window will bring in customers who otherwise wouldn’t stop therefore an ATM will draw in customers into your business.
  • Don’t need to rent space. The machines take up a limited amount of space so they can be displayed within the store.
  • You easily can see how your ATM is performing online.
  • Can manage an ATM according to your schedule. ATM maintenance is not labor or time intensive. Once it is installed, it needs little to no maintenance and it doesn’t need to be monitored by employees.
  • Customers will appreciate the convenience of having the machine available at your store.
  • Most customers who leave to withdraw cash won’t come back in the case of a bar some customers will prefer to use cash rather than run a tab. When you have an in house ATM the customers will not have to leave and you will reduce walk outs where people leave without paying their tab.
  • Most customers who withdraw money from an ATM tend to spend some of it in that location, by having an ATM in your business you will encourage spending and make money twice!
  • With long lines at the banks your ATM will be a preferred location even when it is next to a bank.
  • ATM withdrawal gives customers privacy in banking transactions, hence people prefer ATM withdrawal to bank visits.

atm_big2Retail ATM

The G2500P ATM .

Building on the great reputation of the 2500 series retail ATM, the G2500P model ads a Motorized Presenter module and high-performance cash dispenser to this already popular and reliable platform.

The G2500P comes standard with an 8″ high-resolution wide-screen LCD, which can be upgraded to a 10.2″ touch screen. The receipt printer can also be upgraded to a 3″ graphics-capable for custom branding or coupons. The integrated topper can also be paired with a selection of energy-efficient LED toppers to add visual impact and attract customers.

The G2500P with Presenter CDU can be ordered in single, dual and four cassette capacity for maximum flexibility. Designed for retail and off-premise locations, the G2500P comes loaded with all the features you expect, including an optional EMV card reader and and also provides additional hardware configuration choices allowing you to custom fit each machine to the needs of your customer or location.

onyxw2k-frontWall Mount ATMs

Introducing the all new Onyx-W 2K ATM. The Onyx-W can be installed securely as a Wall Mount or on a Counter Top. You’re installation options are only limited by your imagination.

Featuring a high-resolution 10.1″ LCD screen and light-up touch function keys along with 2″ receipt printer, the Onyx-W uses the same modules and software capabilities and functions found in existing Genmega ATMs.

Dispensing is handled via a 2000-note removable cassette which is secured inside it’s own internal vault system which is available with electronic locks.

mobile_atmMobile ATMs

Ideal for out door and indoor events with concession stands, park events, carnivals and state fairs.