POS Systems

posWith our revolutionary POS systems either retail or Restaurant you can fully computerize your business making it efficient, requiring the less amount of commands to ring up a sale and perform functions faster than a regular cash register.

Retail POS System (Cash Register express)

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  • Easy and secure
  • Privilege and tracking there are over 75 different security permissions for managers to choose from
  • To maintain security of the system and to track each staff member’s usage.
  • Easy swipe for card payments.
  • Fast and secure and accurate transactions.
  • Fast and efficient thermal printers, no need to buy ink.
  • Ability to customize company logos and receipts and coupons.
  • Reliable inventory tracking system.
  • Ability to import inventory from spread sheet.
  • Automatic deductions of items in inventory as items are sold.
  • Ability to set stock level alerts.
  • Ability to sell and redeem gift cards at no fee.
  • Ability to reward customers with bonus points discounts, birthdays and giveaways.
  • Integrates with quick books and other accounting software packages.
  • Easy to count cash with blind balancing to enforce honesty.
  • Point-of-Sale Electronic Check Conversion.
  • Web-based Electronic Check Image Retrieval.
  • Real Time Check Verification.
  • E-mail promotions and mail in labels.
  • SNAP (Social network application platform) enables you to integrate gift and loyalty programs with Social media.
  • Audit trails increase employee accountability and strengthen daily operations.
  • Keep track of employee hours, wages and breaks.
  • Configure job codes tiers for managers and leaders to allow access to different system functions.
  • Bar-code Express to create in-house bar-codes.
  • Ability to Show Store name description and price.
  • Ability to access remotely and anywhere.
  • Ability to run reports on each location.
  • Have 75 reports that can be analyzed by cashier ID, date or register number.
  • View and analyse daily and hourly sales.
  • Product mix, inventory best and worst sellers.
  • Real-time access to payroll Information.
  • Automatic payroll calculations including accruals.
  • Administer federal payroll tax deposits.
  • Layaways.
  • Rental tracking for video and equipment.
  • Security integration with camera systems and DVR.
  • Schedule appointments and calendar.

Restaurant POS (Restaurant Pro)

  • The restaurant pro POS has all the features of the retail including:
  • User friendly and easily customizable to fit your establishment needs.
  • Colored buttons to categorize items for faster recognition.
  • On-screen one-touch access to commonly used menu items and best-sellers.
  • You can configure modifiers for the system to auto-prompts your wait-staff.
  • Ability to allow managers to apply discounts, comp items and void incorrect orders.
  • The required code prevents theft.
  • Restaurant express pro routes all placed orders to kitchen printers.
  • Orders printed with modifiers indented and highlighted in red.
  • Increase accuracy and organization – designate printers to food preparation stations.
  • Helps to reduce theft – orders are printed before they are prepared.
  • Keep tabs under guest names.
  • Ability to transfer to a guest table.
  • Ability to split checks among guests.
  • You can assign different items to guests.
  • Process takes as little as 3 seconds.


  • Modern register accepts all types of payments faster and securely.
  • Cloud based backup of inventory and menus.
  • Access your business real-time sales, data on any device anytime.
  • Save hours by tracking all your inventory and compiling sales reports.
  • Track all your employees’ hours and identify star employees.